Summary of Hilchos Niddah (The Laws of Family Purity)

The laws of Niddah are complex; I do not intend for anyone to use the guide that follows to determine the halacha in a specific situation. One should consult a competent Rav about any matter.

A couple of points before we begin

Throughout this summary, I will be using clinical terms in reference to the relevant body parts of both men and women. If I have anything anatomically wrong, let me know. If you might be offended by an open discussion of sexuality, this page probably is not for you.

In general, I have refrained from citing the Talmudic passages that form the background for these laws and customs. If you are interested in seeing them, you can find them referenced in the Bais Yosef that appears in the Tur,

I'm not a philosopher; if you are looking for spiritual guidance in understanding these laws, please your local Rav or contact me and I will put you in touch with someone who can review that with you. My purpose is to convey the Laws of Niddah as I understand them and my notes will remain, normally, strictly halachic.

Credits up front to Rabbi Ezra Block for the shiurim he wrote during mostly during 1993 for Shema Yisrael and to Shema Yisrael itself and to Rabbi Fishel Todd for bringing the Shulchan Aruch Learning Program to fruition.  English translations of Biblical texts are from the Koren Tanach; most translations of any of the Talmudic passages cited are from the Soncino translation.

These shiurim were originally given by me online beginning in the fall of 2003 on PalTalk.  Starting in August 2004 I began revisions to the original notes, which are filled with typographical errors, some significant discrepancies, and, since I wrote them as aids for myself, are not always entirely grammatical.  Revised notes will indicate the date of last update on the bottom of the page.  Any pages that are undated and do not have a copyright notice on them are the original unrevised notes. As of December 30, 2004, I have revised through Siman 189, Seif 12.

I have drawn material from a number of sources including Shevet HaLevi, Gufay Halachos, Badei HaShulchan and the Shema Yisrael classes, in addition to the basic primary sources.  For the revised notes, whenever possible I will footnote specific references. 

Since the shiurim include abbreviations and Hebrew terminology, the revised notes will ultimately link to a glossary that defines the terms or the abbreviations.  For those who are interested, the vast majority of these citations can be found in Shlomo Pereira’s excellent work on gedolim from about 1000CE to the present.

In the shiurim, the glosses of the Rama in the Shulchan Aruch are indicated by italics.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything here or wish to discuss various elements in more detail that I am by necessity skimming over. Those who wish to continue study of Hilchos Niddah are encouraged to contact Shema Yisrael about their excellent shiurim on this and on other topics.

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